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AI-Powered cybersecurity for automotive: New Securyzr™ Intrusion Detection System


Designed specifically for automotive applications, the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) enhances protection against potential intrusions by leveraging the Securyzr™ integrated Secure Element (iSE) S700 Series, and in particular data and alarms supplied by dedicated anti-tampering IPs, such as Active Shield and Digital Sensor, embedded within iSE S700. The Digital Sensor is specially conceived to detect various perturbation attacks such as clock glitches, power glitches, overheating or radiations, and respond to threats in real-time.

SecuryzrTM Intrusion Detection System key features include:

  • Threat Detection: Monitors CPU activity, memory activity, network traffic (CAN bus, Ethernet), device components (Securyzr™ iSE), sensors, and more.
  • Threat Analysis: Utilizes Rule-Based AI Methodology to discriminate alerts and eliminate false positives. AI models can be updated on the fly as part of device life cycle management.
  • Threat Response: Immediate local threat response based on pre-defined rules and leveraging Edge AI Computing, forming part of a comprehensive Chip-to-Cloud security solution.
  • Life Cycle Management. The acquired data from IDS are sent to the Securyzr™ Server in the Cloud, facilitating device life cycle management for entire fleet of devices. This data can be utilized to update AI models, ensuring continuous optimization and threat detection enhancement.
  • Securyzr™ iSSP Integration: IDS can be employed in the Monitoring service of Securyzr™ iSSP, providing a comprehensive solution for fleet-wide security management.
  • Secure Communication: MACsec/IPsec solutions from Secure-IC ensure secure information exchange with edge devices, aligning with the latest regulatory requirements and standards such as ISO/SAE 21434, UN regulation No. 155, and MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).