LC Networks Communication

LCNC is a solution provider for Cryptography Security testing, Software Quality and Security testing, Payment System Validation testing, China Type Approval testing service and Automated Mobile Testing tool. We provide the software, equipment and technical support to the customers for Fuzzing testing, Vulnerabilities testing, Penetration testing, Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection, EMVCo certification testing,3G/LTE/5G Base-station Simulator and 5G security testing.

We are focus on power (including SPA, DPA and CPA),electromagnetic (EMA)and contactless (RFA/EMA-RF) side channel testing of smart card and embedded technology, EMVCo Security Evaluation & Terminal Type Approval and GlobalPlatform's Card Specification, Initial TEE, Secure Element, OMAPI Specification..... And we also provide the solutions for the software's quality and security to help customers to create and deliver better software, faster, by automatically testing software for defects that could lead to product crashes, unexpected behavior, security breaches or catastrophic system failure.

LCNC help customers to cooperate with China Telecommunication Technology Labs(CTTL) and provide consult service for the tests Network Accessing License in China and conformity assessment tests for China Compulsory Certification "CCC" mark. And help customers to work with EMVCo accredited Laboratories on Terminal Type Approval and Security Evaluation.

  • Common Criteria testing tool and service.
  • Payment System validation testing tool and service.
  • Software's quality and security testing tool
  • GlobalPlatform certification testing tool
  • Validation service of China Type Approval.
  • GCF/PTCRB field tests service.
  • Products debugging service.
  • Security testing training