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Core Impact 21.5 released


We’re pleased to announce a new release of Core Impact! Version 21.5 introduces several new attack methods. First, users can take advantage of the new NTLMrelayx module, featured by Impacket, to relay connections during an Active Directory attack. Second, a new Coercer module enables users to efficiently trigger coerced authentications to capture/relay credentials and move laterally through a target environment.   

This release also provides an update to the user interface of Core Impact, including a new dashboard that provides a visual overview of ongoing engagements and a new workspaces management view. 

As ever, Core Impact continues to create, validate, and add new exploits to our robust library on a regular basis. Stay up-to-date and informed of these new exploits by subscribing for update notifications.  

To upgrade to version 21.5 of Core Impact, head over to Fortra Support Portal. For the full list of changes, please view the release notes