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Secure-IC announces today its SecuryzrTM successfully became ISO 26262 ASIL-D certified. This achievement highlights Secure-IC's commitment to delivering the highest level of functional safety and robust embedded cybersecurity for automotive electronic systems and connected objects.

Secure-IC has been for over a decade securing embedded systems for a wide range of industries with its embedded security solution: SecuryzrTM. The ISO 26262 ASIL-D certification obtained by SecuryzrTM technology underscores Secure-IC's relentless innovation in addressing the critical security challenges faced by the automotive industry, in this case, Bus Authentication & Decryption. With ASIL-D compliance, Secure-IC meets the most rigorous requirements for safety integrity, providing automotive manufacturers and suppliers with a trusted and reliable safe and secure solution. 

"This achievement exemplifies our dedication to providing the highest level of functional safety and cybersecurity to the automotive industry. With our expertise in embedded security and our deep understanding of automotive challenges, we are happy to contribute to enabling the safe and secure vehicles of the future" said Sylvain Guilley, Secure-IC’s CTO & co-founder.