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  • SP6300 TD-SCDMA Protocol Analyze Tester

Product details

SP6300 TD-SCDMA Protocol Analyze Tester ( hereinafter referred to as SP6300) ,is independently researched and developed by StarPoint.SP6300 supportsterminal Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) defined in 3GPP TS34.123-1 and user-defined test, meanwhile SP6300 supports TD-LTE /TD-SCDMA/GSM I-RAT Test through connect TD-LTE and GSM Protocol Analyze Tester.

SP6300 is based on TTCN-2 development environment provides the user a platform for self-developed test cases. The test cases can be executed and monitored on SP6300. Powerful Log tools are provided for result analysis.

SP6300 can be widely applied in TD-SCDMA chip development testing, certification testing ,operator validating, and so on.

Main Features and Advantages
♦SP6300is based on TTCN-2(Tree and Tabular Combined Notation Version 2) developed, compared with C, has more generality and openness.
♦SP6300 supports user-defined test cases, supports protocol test up to 4 TD-SCDMA cells and 3GSM cells.
♦SP6300 supports loopback for AMR, VT call, FTP and other PS domain testing.

SP6300 provides users with an integrated test development platform. Based on this platform, users can complete the TD-SCDMA L1, L2, L3 and between layers of a comprehensive protocol testing. And it is also a TD-SCDMA protocol conformance testing system which provides TCG certificated cases.
Its major functions are as follow:
1. Supports two instruments cascade up to four TD-SCDMA cells; Supports TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM I-RAT test through connect GSM simulators and LTE simulators.
2. Supports CS domain loopback test (AMR 12.2K/CS 64K) and PS domain service test.
3. Supports AT command and remote control.
4. Supports automatic test, users can write scripts to automate testing.
5. Rich and comprehensive Log software, which can be used to observe system running status and analyze test result.

SP6300 is practical and powerful for the protocol conformance test, it can effectively accelerate chip and mobile terminal development and testing.