LC Networks Communication

  • SP8200 LTE Terminal RRM Conformance Test System

Product details

The system perform all kinds of RRM function/performance concerned tests for LTE terminal, containing cell re-selection, handover,re-establishment,measurement,etc. under LTE network environment, or among LTE TDD, LTE FDD, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM systems. It supports all the GCF Defined LTE related RRM test cases which specified in 3GPP TS 36.521-3, 34.122 and 34.121-1.

SP8200 supports AT command interface, and also power supply control interface. Basing on these capabilities, RRM testing will be implemented simply and automatically.

SP8200 can be widely used in certificate authorities, telecom operators, chip/mobile phone manufacturers and other areas, for LTE terminal designing, developing, testing and certification.

SP8200 supports LTE terminal RRM conformance test defined by GCF and 3GPP, including intra LTE (TDD/FDD) test cases and LTE Inter RAT test cases, containing all the test cases defined in GCF WI 80, WI 90, WI 150, WI 151. Test classes are listed below:

1. E-UTRAN RRC_IDLE State Mobility
3. E-UTRAN RRC Connection Mobility Control
4. E-UTRAN Timing and Signalling Characteristics    
5. UE Measurements Procedures (UE on E-UTRAN)
6. Measurement Performance Requirements (UE on E-UTRAN)
7. UTRAN to E-UTRAN Cell Re-Selection
8. UTRAN to E-UTRAN Handover
9. UE Measurements Procedures (UE on UTRAN)
10. Measurement Performance Requirements (UE on UTRAN)