LC Networks Communication

StarPoint / Channel Sounding and Emulation
  • SP9010 Communications Test Set

Product details

Based on StarPoint the new generation of testplatform designed for factory Test set
Designed for mass terminal production testing
Modular architecture design, Single box support 4 modules
Single module includes six RF ports, 4 modules maximum support 24 terminal test
Future-ready RF parameters with frequency range up to 6 GHz and bandwidth of 160 MHz ,Combined with ARB baseband generators make SP9010 perfect for today's and tomorrow's requirement
Support LAN and GPIB remote control

Detailed information 
SP9010 basic technical index  
Signal generator  
Output frequency 10MHz~6000MHz
Output Signal Bandwidth 160MHz
Flatness In Band <±0.1dB@20MHz
output power <3.8G
  -120dBm~5 dBm@Half-duplex ports
  -130dBm~ -5dBm@Full-duplex ports
  >3.8G &<100MHz
  -120dBm~ -5dBm@Half-duplex ports
  -130dBm~-15dBm@Full-duplex ports
Output power resolution 0.01dB
Output power accuracy ±0.2dB(typical value 0.1dB)@>-60dBm @<3.8G
  ±0.4dB(typical value 0.2dB)@>-60dBm @>3.8G
  ±0.2dB(typical value 0.1dB)@-60dBm~-90dBm @<3.8G
  ±0.4dB(typical value 0.2dB)@-60dBm~-90dBm @>3.8G
  ±0.3dB(typical value 0.15dB)@-90dBm~-130dBm @<3.8G
  ±0.6dB(typical value 0.4dB)@-90dBm~-130dBm @>3.8G
Instrumentation / port difference between precision <0.1dB
SNR >95dB@1kHz RBW &>-20dBm output
Sampling point memory 8G
Signal Analysis  
Input Frequency 10MHz~6000MHz
Input power range -70dBm~35dBm @Full-duplex ports
  -70dBm~25dBm @Half-duplex ports
Signal analysis bandwidth 160MHz
Flatness In Band <±0.1dB@20MHz
Reference level range -25dBm~35dBm
Receiver noise floor <-145dBFs/Hz
Instrumentation / port difference between precision ±0.05~0.1dB
Sampling point memory 8G
out of band spurious <-30dBc or <-145dBm
In band spurious <-50dBC or <-145dBm
VSWR Full-duplex port
  <1.4 (10M≤f<400M)
  <1.2 (400M≤f<3.8G)
  <1.4 (3.8G≤f≤6.0G)
  Half-duplex port
  <1.6 (10M≤f<400M)
  <1.6 (3.8G≤f≤6.0G)