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Product details

SecFlow --  Security management system provides a full range of product safety development management systematized solutions that provide secure development process management, security vulnerability databases, proactive product security, and provisioning for all phases of requirements, design, development, testing and deployment. Event monitoring, to help customers quickly establish software security development process.

The SecFlow features are as follows:
  • SSDL compliance solution
  • Support ISO 27001 / ISO 27034 / BSIMM / NIST SP 800-64 compliance standards
  • Product Safety Process Management
  • Security bulletin
  • Security Policy Management
  • Security organization management
  • Product Security Vulnerability Database
  • More than 100,000 vulnerability repositories are available
  • Including repair methods and solutions
  • Security vulnerability database is updated
  • Proactive product safety event monitoring and notification
  • According to customer needs, products or keywords can be collected for related security vulnerabilities
  • Automated product security events and vulnerability collection
  • Proactive notification via email

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