LC Networks Communication


  • SecDevice

Product details

The SecDevice provides embedded-system vendors a brand new solution to security risks. The tester only needs to enable the function of SecDevice in the Platform, the DUT will be tested and a report will be automatically produced. This can satisfy the demanding phase of product development and validation.

Function Feature:
  • Auto testing and identifying the target
  • Auto network vulnerability scanning and analysis
  • Auto attacking methods:BackDoor scan/Heartbleed/XSS/Command Injection etc.
  • Test case on the embedded device VA:Operating System, Web Interface, Network Service, Wireless, Password Management, Denial of Service
  • Support both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Graphics user interface
  • Security policy scan and define:Support retest
  • Test report and record:The vulnerability Description/Risk analysis/Solution

Supporting device type
  • Embedded Devices
  • IoT Devices
  • Other, support operated on Ethernet/IP Device

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