LC Networks Communication


Moblility Testing Tool
  • KaNest®-ICC with Card & Mobile Test Suite

Product details

With KaNest®-ICC, Galitt provides a tool designed to test and validate contact and contactless cards, Mobile and GlobalPlatform cards, as well as contactless form factors, embedding one or several applications. 

Card & Mobile Test Suites: 
  •  EMVCo
CMP AAUI qualified 
  • DISCOVER & Diners
D-PAS Contact qualified
D-PAS Contactless qualification on going 
  • Visa
VCBP (Visa Cloud Based Payment)
GlobaPlatform Test Suites: 
All GP Card Test Suites qualified by GlobalPlatform to be officially used to evaluate compliance to specific GlobalPlatform card configurations:
  • GP UICC Amendement C (Contactless Extension)
  • GP Secure Element
  • GP Secure Element Amendment C (Contactless Extension)
  • GP Secure Element Access Control
  • GP UICC Memory Management Extension
  • GP UICC Amendment B
  • GP BFC (Basic Financial Configuration)
  • GP MG (Mapping Guidelines)
  • GP Common Implementation
  • SWP & HCI (Single Wire Protocol & Host Controller Interface)
  • GP ID
 All Test Suites are qualified. 


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