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Certification Testing Service
  • VisuCard

Product details

Card Scheme Products

For MasterCard® cards: VisuCard® for MasterCard "qualified” by MasterCard®

For Visa cards: VisuCard® GPVT "US Requirement" "confirmed" by Visa 

For Visa cards: VisuCard® GPVT "confirmed" by Visa 

For "CB" contact and contactless cards as well as Moneo e-purse: VisuCard® CB (the reference tool for "CB") 

For new contact EMV-based card of DISCOVER and Diners: VisuCard® D-PAS (the reference tool for DISCOVER and Diners) 

For Bancontact/MisterCash Contact and Contactless EMV-based Card: VisuCard® BCMC "qualified" by BCMC 

Utilities VisuScript™:

APDU dialog in a simple text file 

Advanced scripting functions (cryptography, cold ATR, warm ATR, loops...) 

Creation of a set of dedicated scripts to manage and test bespoke ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 cards 

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