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Product List
  • Inspector SCA Software

Product details

Inspector SCA offers full control over the test object, trigger, 3523oscilloscope and chaining function for real-time application of signal processing during data acquisition. Inspector SCA software contains a large set of cryptanalytic modules to perform attacks on all major algorithms. With module source available and the IDE integrated in Inspector, the user is free to develop modules, protocols or ciphers for proprietary implementations.
Data acquisition
Control over the test object, trigger, oscilloscope and chaining function for real-time application of signal processing during data acquisition. Inspector hardware components are all configured through the user interface and will trigger to start oscilloscope measurements. Using and configuring hardware, including the oscilloscope, by an Inspector user is done from software; there is hardly any need to configure hardware manually. On acquiring new traces, Inspector generates random or selected input message text, starts encryption and records the returned cipher text and stores the traces on disk. Most processing steps available in the Signal Processing modules can be applied in real time during data acquisition, producing an instant trace set with a high information density, and saving considerable time during security evaluation.

  • Side channel cryptanalysis
Highly configurable cryptanalysis modules for SPA, DPA/CPA and high-order DPA including modules for 3-DES, AES, RSA and ECC. The side channel cryptanalysis modules are designed to deduce secret key material from traces obtained with the Power Tracer, EM Probe Station or Micropross MP300 TCL series as well as custom measurement equipment. Besides the major algorithms we have implemented region-specific and less common ciphers such as Camellia, SEED and MISTY1. Modules for new algorithms and power models can easily be inserted into Inspector using the IDE. In our Crypto2 framework, all algorithms have several optimization parameters as well as simulation and calculation options.
  • Custom workstation
Reach optimal performance with a system configuration ideal for Inspector. The workstation matches best with our software and hardware products and is updated regularly.
  • Signal processing
Signal processing features including filters, spectrum, statistics, advanced alignment and correlation functions. Side channel analysis requires the tester to control and understand the traces and samples acquired. Inspector features a large set of spectral filters with user-defined filter characteristics and harmonic filters to block or pass signals with all their harmonic content, statistical and frequency analysis functions. To get optimal results we focus our R&D on practical aspects of side channel analysis, such as alignment. Static, elastic and advanced dynamic (i.e. continuous) alignment compensate for time shifts or random process interrupts; this is one of the most important signal processing features and a very strong feature of Inspector. Modern chip techniques such as variable clock speeds can be tackled with the dynamic and elastic alignment module.
  • Open development
Freedom to test, freedom to research, freedom to tinker. Inspector is shipped with source code of modules for you to adapt, modify or rebuild. Unlike traditional proprietary models, we offer the source code of all available modules. We believe this facilitates your freedom to adapt to your testing environment and devices under test. Source code, an open API, hardware SDKs and integrated development environment (IDE) is therefore part of Inspector.