LC Networks Communication


Product List
  • Analyzr

Product details

Analyzr is the most advanced post-silicon security evaluation platform on the market. The target to evaluate can be any embedded system, ranging from testing chips as FPGA, ASIC and Micro-controllers to end-user devices such as IoTs, smartphones, smart cards and automotive eletronic circuits.

Our scientists have authored some of the most advanced and highly regarded side-channel analysis and protection methodologies.

Advanced modules
  • Preprocessing
  • 6D-Cartography
  • NICV Analysis
  • Fault Exploitation (DFA)
  • Report Generation
  • ISO-17825 standard

Key Features
  • State-of-the art attacks
  • Single integrated tool for Side-Channel Analysis and Fault Injection Attacks
  • Classic & advanced techniques
  • Analyze standard or self –authored algorithms
  • Unique ability to analyze leakage at the bit level, and precisely measure security-level
  • Real-time acquisition, analysis and processing
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Standard packages for beginner or expert users
  • Customizable packages
  • One-button, analysis reports automatically generated
  • FIPs-140 and ISO-17825 ready