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The advent of Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning has unleashed remarkable changes on the world in the last few years. Its impact is undeniable & is being felt in every area. Rapid advances in AI and machine learning are defining cybersecurity’s future daily!

Imagine being able to analyze more data than ever possible before and make your decisions at lightspeed. AI shows the greatest potential for fraud & malware detection, assigning risk scores to login attempts on networks, intrusion detection,etc. In this webinar, we will explain to you how AI can be used for security purposes.

But AI also generates new threats on your system: How to be sure of the integrity of your data? How to be sure that your model is not manipulated by an attacker? How to protect your model and your intellectual property against your competitors? In this webinar, we will explain you what are the sensitive assets of your AI devices/models, the associated threats & how to protect those assets.

If saving your seat, the webinar will give 4 key major takeaways:

– What are the threats on your AI chip/ Module?

– How can you protect your AI chip/ Module?

Security for AI:
– Why Securyzr for AI is the good protection for your system?

AI for Security:
– How can you use AI to protect a system?