LC Networks Communication

HERCULES SecDevice 2019r3.04 has been released.


Release Version:  2019r3.04
Release Date:   2020/01/03
System Version:  v1.3.0.2736

* EDSA-related testcase name renamed with EDSA prefix.
- OnSec-TC-01004001 EDSA IPv4 Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-01004002 EDSA IPv4 TCP Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-01004003 EDSA IPv4 UDP Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-01004004 EDSA IPv4 ICMP Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-01009001 EDSA ARP Fuzz Testing
- Onsec-TC-01010001 EDSA Ethernet Fuzz Testing

* Fix the issues that occurred as the user modifies the target in the existing project.

* Provide packet analysis function in the following testcases.
- OnSec-TC-01004002 IPv4 TCP Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-03002006 HTTP Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-03003006 TLSv1.2 Server Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-03011006 SSH Fuzz Testing
- OnSec-TC-03013002 Telnet Server Fuzz Testing

* Function, Download Record Logs, is given to provide a convenient solution for the user who needs technical