LC Networks Communication

SecDevice 2019 r3.02 release


HERCULES SecDevice Update has been released Release 
Version: 2019r3.02 
Release Date: 2019/11/06 
System Version: v1.3.0.2036

* The white lists are provided in backdoor testcases.
  - OnSec-TC-03001003 TCP-SYN Scan
  - OnSec-TC-03001004 UDP Port Scan
  - OnSec-TC-03001005 TCP-FIN Scan
* Fix the issue which is occurred as the user stop auto crawler manually.
* Solve the issue which raises the "IndexError" message as the network interfaces are reset via console.
* Optimize the log and determination in Freak test (OnSec-TC-03003004).
* Modify the parameter in Freak (OnSec-TC-03003004) test to increase the success rate.
* Fix the issues that network setting is reset to default as SecDevice upgrade.
* A much more concise description in fuzzing testcases is provided.
  - In the description field, not only the DUT response time out message be simplified, but the reconnected information is applied also.
* Adjust the Summary and Solution of the following 24 testcases.
  - OnSec-TC-01003012 IPv6 TCP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01003013 IPv6 UDP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01003015 IPv6 Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01004001 IPv4 Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01004002 IPv4 TCP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01004003 IPv4 UDP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01004004 IPv4 ICMP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01005001 MMS Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01005002 GOOSE Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01005003 SV Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01009001 ARP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-01010001 Ethernet Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03002006 HTTP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03003006 HTTPS Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03007002 RTSP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03016001 SNMPv3 Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03016003 SNMPv2 Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03017001 OPCUA Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03018001 IEC-104 Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03019001 DNP3 TCP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03019002 DNP3 UDP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03021001 Modbus TCP Fuzz Testing
  - OnSec-TC-03023001 EtherNet/IP Messaging Fuzz Testing