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Inspector High Performance Analysis


Riscure announces the commercial availability of Inspector High Performance Analysis, the latest addition to the Inspector software family that adds automation and scalability to the process of Side Channel Testing. Inspector HPA brings the much needed performance boost for larger vendor-based or research-centric security labs and complex security test projects.

With the ever-increasing number of new SCA attack methods it takes more and more time to maintain a required protection level of a device by conducting complex and time-consuming tests. Inspector HPA addresses this challenge by offering a performance increase from 15x to more than 30x for common analysis routines, using a standard server configuration.

Inspector High Performance Analysis automates SCA test scenarios using a flexible record and playback functionality for your test routines. Once you define your analysis sequence, you can be confident that the following ‘playback’ will be done in exactly the same way, as many times as you want, and on any number of input data.


Inspector HPA is available worldwide from December 2017. It is offered under a flexible pricing plan, depending on the customer infrastructure and goals. The key criteria is the number of required Inspector instances (starting from a minimum order of 40). Riscure also offers a ‘turnkey’ and thoroughly tested solution using Dell PowerEdge servers.