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Discover® Global Network has qualified Galitt KaNest®-ICC D-PAS Card Test Suite


Boulogne-Billancourt (France), December 11 th , 2017 

Discover® Global Network has qualified Galitt KaNest®-ICC D-PAS Card Test Suite, a tool allowing card  and  mobile  app  issuers  to  execute  automatically  card  test  cases  from  the  Discover®  D-PAS Functional Test Plan.  

Galitt  KaNest®-ICC  Contact  &  Contactless  Card  Test  Suites  execute  the  reference  Test  Suites defined by payment schemes in order to qualify the functionality of payment. Discover® Global Network has just awarded Galitt the qualification of its KaNest®-ICC Contactless Card Test Suite for the latest version of its specification, which covers both contact and contactless cards. 

Galitt KaNest®-ICC Contact & Contactless Card Test Suites can be used to test and validate contact and  contactless  cards,  embedding  one  or  several  applications,  as  well  as  new  contactless  form factors. Adapted to both regression testing and validation contexts, KaNest®-ICC Contactless Card Test Suites can be used with equally great results by test laboratories, card and application issuers as  well  as  integrators  of  payment  applications.  Galitt  test  tools  enjoy  a  high  recognition  by  all  players  on  the  market  as  they  provide  flexibility,  ease  and  comfort  in  the  execution  of  tests 
mandated by all major payment schemes. 

Highly automated, Galitt test tools allow to execute Test Suites with reduced human intervention as many times as needed, both in the context of certification and for regression testing. Tests are performed automatically and the test tool provides a detailed diagnostics report. When products fail some tests, diagnostics reports provide all the necessary information for developers to adjust their  products  and  ensure  they  apply  the  appropriate  corrections,  thus  reducing  the  product development cycle. 

François Inglebert, Marketing Director, Testing Solutions, at Galitt declares: “Galitt is very pleased to obtain from Discover® Global Network this certification for the contactless test tool for cards. Now, we can be proud to have a full offer covering contact and contactless cards and terminals tests for all major payment schemes.” 

D-Payment  Application  Specification,  or  D-PAS,  is  the  Discover®  EMV  compliant  smart  card payment solution for both contact and contactless interfaces. Discover Global Network supports and conforms to current EMV standards, allowing for easy implementation and integration of the D-PAS solution. 

About  Galitt  (  –  Galitt  offers  consulting  and  services  dedicated  to  payment systems  and  secure  electronic  transactions.  With  a  full  set  of  recognized  skills  and  know-how, Galitt assists its clients during the whole project life cycle: experts from the  Payment Consulting Unit  with  their  innovative  approaches  shed  light  on  strategic  choices;  consultants  from  the Payment  Services  Unit  support  customers  implementing  their  payment  projects;  teams  from Testing  Solutions  Unit  develop  test  software  and  take  an  active  role  in  test  automation  and certification processes; staff from the Payment Solutions Unit build and run added-value payment applications; trainers from the Payment Education Unit broadcast Galitt expertise and skills during 
their seminars.