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Galitt is now listed as an approved cybersecurity service provider for SWIFT members


Boulogne (France), October 23th, 2017 

SWIFT, the world leading provider of secure financial messaging services, has an uncompromising approach to information security. In this context, the international organization has set up a set of information  security  measures,  called  the  “Customer  Security  Programme  (CSP),” a  framework dedicated to supporting SWIFT customers in their fight against cyberattacks. 

The SWIFT  Customer  Security  Controls  Framework describes  a  set  of  mandatory  and  advisory security controls for SWIFT customers: they have to complete a self-attestation against (at least) all  mandatory  security  controls  by  the  end  of  2017.  Self-attestation  can  be  fully  completed  in-house by customers’ own cybersecurity experts, but many customers are looking for third party companies to help them address cybersecurity within their own organizations and to help them comply with the mandatory controls. 

SWIFT  has  now  listed  Galitt  as  a  member  of  its  Directory  of  Cybersecurity  Service  Providers, making Galitt a recognized source of expertise for SWIFT customers in need of support to comply with the mandatory security controls. 

Galitt  is  the  only  company  specializing  in  the  banking  and  payment  industry,  listed  in  SWIFT Directory  of  Cybersecurity  Service  Providers.  This  is  recognition  of  Galitt’s  strong  experience  in secure transactions and  cybersecurity  as  well  as  its  intrinsic  knowledge  of major  players of  the banking and payment industry, especially in France.

Galitt offers banks, financial institutions, merchants and others, the services they need to ensure their  equipment,  procedures  and  methods  are  secured  and  complied  with  relevant  security requirements (PCI standards including: PCI DSS, PCI Card Production, Point-to-Point Encryption, as well as those specific to the French “Cartes Bancaires” system. Galitt builds upon its longstanding expertise in payment systems to support its customers with all ongoing evolutions in the fields of cards,  mobile  payment,  instant  transfers,  financial  exchanges  and,  more  globally,  all  the technology changes that are affecting the payment industry.  

Rémi Gitzinger, Galitt Executive Director of the Payment Consulting Business Unit declares: “Galitt has developed an expertise in all aspects of the payment and more globally the financial industry. Our services are already recognized by all certification bodies. Now, with SWIFT acknowledgment, Galitt is able to provide its excellence and mastery in transaction security to financial institutions worldwide in order to ensure the security of their operations.”