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Galitt completes the Discover® D-PAS contactless terminal Test Suite qualification


Boulogne-Billancourt (France), June 12th, 2017 

Galitt  KaNest®-ICC  Terminal  Test  Suite,  a  card  simulator  allowing  the  execution  of  functional tests and End-to-End tests, has just received the Discover qualification for the Contactless D-PAS Terminal  Functional  Test  Plan  (Level  2).  An  acknowledgement  of  Galitt  test  tools  quality  and efficiency.  

Galitt  KaNest®-ICC  Contactless  Terminal  Test  Suites  enable  performing  reference  test  plans defined by payment brands, in order to qualify payment terminals for use with contactless cards and devices. With the qualification of the D-PAS Contactless Terminal Test Suite (based on the test plan  release  1.2),  KaNest®-ICC  is  now  qualified  to  execute  the  reference  test  plan  defined  by Discover, in order to certify payment terminals for use with contactless cards and handsets. 

Galitt  KaNest®-ICC  Terminal  Test  Suites  are  the  perfect  tools  for  certification  laboratories, payment terminal vendors and systems integrators alike, as they allow to complete the needed evaluations to ensure card acceptance devices comply with the specifications issued by all leading payment brands. Galitt long-standing presence on the test tool market and its ubiquitous offer has garnered the company a high level of recognition throughout the secure transactions industry.  

Thanks to their automation features, Galitt test tools automatically execute the required test plans as  many  times  as  needed.  In  addition,  they  automatically  generate  test  reports  allowing  an increased productivity and freeing the operator from the burden.  

François  Inglebert,  Marketing  Director,  Testing  Solutions,  at  Galitt  declares:  “The  Discover qualification is the latest step in a series of validation of our tools by all major payment schemes. Now, Galitt is the only test tool vendor able to support the terminal test plans specified by all major payment brands: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa…” 

In addition, Galitt is supporting EMVCo’s strategy of test tool convergence between the various players  in  the  test  industry.  Thus,  the  KaNest®-ICC  series  of  tools  are  already  able to  complete tests according to Contactless Kernel test plans (cf. books C1 to C8 issued by EMVCo), leading the way on the path to a future common test infrastructure for the whole industry. 

D-Payment Application Specification, or D-PAS, is the Discover EMV compliant smart card payment solution for both contact and contactless interfaces. Discover supports and conforms to current EMV standards, allowing for easy implementation and integration of the D-PAS solution.  

About  Galitt  (  –  Galitt  offers  consulting  and  services  dedicated  to  payment systems  and  secure  electronic  transactions.  With  a  full  set  of  recognized  skills  and  know-how, Galitt assists its clients during the whole project life cycle: experts from the Payment Consulting Unit with  their  innovative  approaches  shed  light  on  strategic  choices;  consultants  from  the Payment  Services  Unit  support  customers  implementing  their  payment  projects;  teams  from Testing  Solutions  Unit  develop  test  software  and  take  an  active  role  in  test  automation  and certification processes; staff from the Payment Solutions Unit build and run added-value payment applications; trainers from the Payment Education Unit broadcast Galitt expertise and skills during 
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