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Galitt, the unique Contact and Contactless Level 2 Terminal Test Tool Provider


With its recent American Express and MasterCard recognitions, Galitt, one of the EMVCo’s Test Tool Providers, is now the only one offering a unique and complete set of Brand’s Contact & Contactless Level 2 Terminal Test Suites.

Galitt has implemented into its card simulator, KaNest®-ICC, the Legacy Card Acceptance Test Plans as well as the EMV Kernel Test Plans defined by International Brands.
Galitt Terminal Test Suites qualification coverage is unique:  
  • EMV v4.x Level 2 Terminal Test Suite qualified by EMVCo
  • Expresspay Terminal Test Suite qualified by American Express and Kernel 4 Terminal Test Site being under qualification
  • D-PAS Terminal Test Suite being under qualification with Discover Financial Services
  • MasterCard Contactless and Kernel 2 Terminal Test Suites qualified by MasterCard
  • VCPS and Kernel 3 Terminal Test Suites confirmed by Visa 

Galitt focuses on performance and user-friendliness for all its Terminal Test Suites. They are highly automated and pluggable to external components; tests are easily executed without having to deploy any specific expertise and they provide detailed report to be used for product qualification.
KaNest®-ICC card simulators are suited for all levels of expertise of the user, from the test technician to run through Level 2 Test Cases,
to an experienced test engineer to analyze all exchanges between card and terminal, making the Galitt Test tool a very powerful instrument for both test and debug operations.