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Galitt US Press Release - Quick ChipTest_Tools


Galitt US is proud to announce the addition of American Express Quick Chip, Discover Quick Chip, MasterCard M/Chip Fast and Visa Quick Chip to its current KaNest®-ICC EMV Level 3 Terminal Test Suite of products. Earlier this year, the four major card brands in the US introduced their respective technology to improve the checkout process by reducing the amount of time the card remains in the terminal during chip transactions while maintaining the security features of EMV, also known as American Express Quick Chip, Discover Quick Chip, MasterCard M/Chip Fast and Visa Quick Chip.  Via Quick Chip or M/Chip Fast, cardholders are now seeing transaction times more representative of what they expect with magnetic stripe transactions.  
Merchants and Acquirers can reduce time to market by implementing Quick Chip and/or M/Chip Fast in a streamlined terminal certification process with a reduced number of test cases.
KaNest®-ICC EMV Level 3 Terminal Test Suites for American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa were updated to include Quick Chip and M/Chip Fast technology. Current customers have already received a notification that the updated versions are now available on the MyGalitt web portal.
Loïc BERTON, Senior Vice President - Galitt US, added: “Supporting our Customers in streamlining terminal testing and certification has been a constant strategy for Galitt. Including Quick Chip in our KaNest®-ICC EMV Level 3 Terminal Test Suite products will bring our Customers a faster time to market as well as high-level performance for testing their terminals.” 
About Galitt US ( – Galitt US offers consulting and services dedicated to payment systems and secure electronic transactions. With a full set of recognized skills and know-how, Galitt US assists industry stakeholders to successfully achieve their deployment of innovative payment solutions leveraging EMV, mobile, E2EE and digital technologies. Galitt US actively assists customers with a wide array of services ranging from: off-the-shelf education courses; Brand qualified contact & contactless test tools; as well as accredited consulting and certification services.