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Core Impact 21.1: Increased Visibility With a Network Graph View


Core Impact 21.1: Increased Visibility With a Network Graph View

We’re pleased to announce a new release of Core Impact! Version 21.1 introduces a new network graph view of the penetration testing process, providing increased insight into the tests your team is running. Users get a real-time overview of attack chains, pivoting, and any other activities completed during testing. With this additional visibility, security teams can better determine the best path forward in the testing engagement.

To learn more about how the network graph view works, be sure to watch our overview video. With the upgrade to Core Impact 21.1, users will also enjoy other new features focused on ease of use, including a simplified Module menu for more efficient navigation and improved search capabilities to provide results with additional context.
In order to streamline the update process, minor updates to Core Impact and new exploits can now be automatically installed, allowing you to enjoy new features as soon as they are available. Users can set the time of day these updates are implemented, and have the option to disable this feature if necessary.

Finally, Core Impact continues to create, validate, and add new exploits to our robust library on a regular basis. Stay up-to-date and informed of these new exploits by subscribing for update notifications. 

For the full list of changes, please view the release notes.