LC Networks Communication

Aukua MGA2510 v3.1.0 Released!


 Aukua Systems, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Aukua MGA2510 v3.1.0! This is a major release with many new features, especially for our Traffic Generator and Network Impairment Emulator.  This release also contains numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements and general UI improvements. 

Key New Features and Enhancements in v3.1.0:

System Wide
  • List of DSCP values added to Filter Library 
  • SFP info including optical RX/TX power, model, type, SN data now shown on Ports Tab Users can now name exported configuration files from the GUI 
  • Users can now name exported configuration files from the GUI 

Traffic Generator/Analyzer
  • Routing Support; “ARP Response” Operating the MGA2510Traffic Generator in a testbed alongside Layer 3 Routers is now a lot easier with the MGA2510 able to respond to incoming relevant ARP Request packets.
  • Egress Packet Capture The Traffic Generator now has the ability to capture packets at either the ingress or egress points of each Test Port.  For example, this ability gives users the ability to create a single capture file showing each packet both before and after they traverse a Device or System under Test.  This feature enables easy nanosecond precision one-way latency measurements of each and every generated packet.  This capability is also great for general trouble-shooting!
  • Numerous other Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Network Impairment Emulator
  • Master “Impairment Emulation” Enable/Disable Control There is a new master Impairment Emulation enable/disable control.  This is available in the GUI Dashboard area and provides a simple way to disable all delays, impairments and bandwidth control limits without having to change any configuration settings. When Impairment Emulation is ‘disabled’ all incoming traffic will not be delayed, impaired or limited in any way.  This can be quite useful for basic troubleshooting during testing
  • “Restart” Impairment There is now an easy ‘restart’ button control to restart Network Path impairment that are configured to stop after a certain number of packets.
  • Auto-Negotiation Logging Auto-Negotiation Logging is now also supported on the Port Config tab of the Network Impairment Emulator.  This is primarily for troubleshooting connectivity and interoperability issues.
  • Numerous other Bug Fixes, work-flow improvements, and Performance Enhancements