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Aukua MGA2510 v3.0.1 Released!


Greetings from Austin, TX! Aukua Systems announces the immediate availability of Aukua MGA2510 v3.0.1! This is a major release with many new features, especially for our Network Impairment Emulator as well as numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements and general UI improvements. See below for information on how to upgrade your MGA2510 to take advantage of the great new features and capabilities!! 
Key New Features and Enhancements in v3.0.1:
Network Impairment Emulator
Multi-Path Network Impairment Emulation
Up to 16 Network Paths are available per Port which enable emulating multiple paths through a Network in terms of delay and impairments.
Independent control per Path and per Port enables real-time dynamic symmetric and asymmetric network impairment emulation!  This capability is supported on most interface speeds and media up to and including 10GbE. 
Selective Impairments
A powerful Classifier is provided which allows users to direct specific packets through a Network Path of choice.This enables targeting specific packets for impairment for negative and functional testing.
For example, classify based on MAC/VLAN/IP addressing, port numbers, protocols, custom protocol offsets, and much more.
Network Path Stats 
Complete bandwidth, delay and impairment stats are provided per Network Path. In addition, the Stats Logging feature now includes Path stats along with the Port stats.
Bypass Path Feature
A unique feature which only the Aukua MGA2510 Network Impairment Emulator supports! Users can direct specific low-latency link-based protocols through this Path to avoid delay and impairments. 
A good example application is for Priority Flow Control (PFC) packets which do not function properly with even moderate amounts of delay.
Line Bit Error Insertion 
It is now possible to insert bit errors at the PCS layer for 1000BASE-X. Since these errors are at the PCS layer they occur over packets as well as over the inter-frame gap (IFG) data to emulate a ‘noisy line’. 
Numerous other Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Inline Protocol Analyzer
L1 PCS Bit Capture Enhanced – “IDLE Reduction”
A key challenge in working with Layer 1 captures is analyzing the large trace file data.  This new control allows you to optionally remove large blocks of data which are made up entirely of valid IDLEs or LPIs which are not of primary interest.  This option greatly reduces capture file sizes, and in turn reduces the processing and analysis time; thus increasing user efficiency!
Remotely download Capture Files from an attached USB Drive
Now possible via the GUI or automation to remotely download capture files that were previously saved to a USB drive attached to the MGA2510 front panel. This feature essentially extends the internal 28GB storage and is particularly useful when you want to create numerous line-rate performance captures and only later download specific capture files of interest for inspection.
New Interface Speed Added - SGMII
Like the existing USXGMII interface rate, the new SGMII interface rate will, for example, enable the MGA2510 to uniquely interconnect to a PHY’s host or system-side interface in SGMII mode. This greatly simplifies one-way and two-way latency characterization, throughput performance evaluation, functional testing. or troubleshooting of an SGMII capable device.